Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crafting Must Have: The Booger Gun

I thought I would start off by introducing you to something that is used all the time in my craft arsenal and something that I will be using alot in my tutorials.
It officially is called an adhesive dispenser but I lovingly call it my BOOGER GUN.

And this is why.........

The tape in this 'gun' works just like double sided tape and is my substitute for icky, messy glue. It is very forgiving in that if you don't like where you put it, you can remove as easily as you applied it.

See, when you roll it off of your paper, it looks just like a booger. Yep, it is the same stuff that credit companies use to stick those fake credit cards to your mail. My daughter loves to stick this stuff under her nose and chase me around the house with it. Here is a link to where you can find one of these beauties:

This tape works great for making your covers for logbooks and journals. No sticky, gluey mess and you don't have to wait till it dries. And better still, if you stick paper together and you don't like the way it lines up, you can peel the paper apart and re-apply it where you want it.