Monday, February 16, 2009

Your inkpad isn't just for stamping......

When I get an idea in my head, it has to be done EXACTLY the way I see it or I am not satisfied. So I was wanting some background paper for a set of LTC's but I just couldn't find the colors I wanted at the craft store so I decided to try to make the paper myself. Here is a step by step of how I did it...

I took a sheet of white card stock and chose a couple of colors of inkpads, dark green and light green, that I wanted to use for one of my LTC's. These are dye based inks but I am sure you could do this with pigments inks, it would just take a little longer to dry.

I started with the darker color first, the dark green. I patted the ink pad onto the white cardstock to give it the coverage I wanted.

I then took the light green and instead of patting it over the dark green, I laid the inkpad flat on the paper and dragged it or rubbed in over the darker green to cover the white areas of the cardstock and left it to dry.

I did the same for a pink, blue, and a fall colored sheet of cardstock.

After the paper had dried, I cut the sizes I wanted and stamped the images on them. I was able to create the effect that I was looking for without having to spend extra money on colored paper. Try this with other color combinations and see what you come up with. You may be impressed by what you see!

These are my Seasonal Fairies LTC's.