Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Handmade Letterboxing Journals

Are you looking for the perfect holiday, birthday, or surprise gift for the letterboxer in your life? How about a special "thank you" gift for the host or hostess at the next gathering you will be attending? Or even a great raffle prize for a letterboxing event? Consider giving a handmade Letterboxing journal. You can even use these journals to keep your exchanges seperate from your finds or have a seperate journal for each gathering that you attend.

These journals measure 4" x 6" and are filled with 35 pages of heavy, bright white cardstock pages that are thick enough to stamp on boths sides of the page without the ink bleeding through. Even with the juiciest ink pad! The pages lay flat for easy stamping and can be folded all the way back with the spiral binding.

The front and back covers are laminated with plastic to stay clean and dry while out on the trail and the inside of the back cover features a special pocket to hold your clue sheets, first finder certificates, or the answers to personal travelers so they will be handy for your next letterboxing gathering.

I have many standard letterboxing journals to choose from or if you would like to personalize your journal.......

You can have your trailname (up to 12 letters) and signature stamp displayed on the cover of your journal!

I have many designer papers and colors to choose from so creating exactly what you want should not a problem. I will work with you until we get it just right!
The pricing for these handmade journals are as follows:
$12.00 each for a standard letterboxing journal (Exchanges, Letterboxing, Gatherings, Got Clues, name of your event, etc. up to 12 letters)
$15.00 each for a personalized journal with your trailname and signature stamp image
$3.00 for shipping and handling
I accept cash, checks, or money orders and will try to ship within 7 days of placing your order. Larger orders may take a bit longer.
Email me at tinarie@msn.com and we can create a special handmade journal just for you or to give as a gift. When you purchase a handmade journal, I will also include a special LTC for buying from me! Don't delay. These journals are going fast!

If you are attending LB CON 2009 in July and would like a special journal to keep all of your exchanges and finds from the event all in one place, I will be taking orders for this special journal up to two weeks before the event so get your orders in now!


  1. Those are so nice! What a great gift item! :-)

  2. Nice... Is the back cover really hard so it provide a firm stamping surface?

  3. Yes, the front and back covers are cardboard for a nice firm stamping surface.

  4. I got to see them in person the other day, and they are sublime. Really well done.